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EK usually sends upgrade offers via email depending on availability..etc. These upgrades, however, come without neither lounge access nor chauffer. If your ticket is a revenue one( i.e. you haveít used miles to book it) then you can upgrade via EKís website using miles or cash. If you do so then you will get the chauffer as well as the lounge access.

As for the likelhood of getting an operational upgrade, it depends on wheather you have a status with EK as well as on the fare bucket booked. If you donít have a status and if your ticket is saver then your chances are very low

Hope this helps! Sorry if there were typos in my post. I am using my phone.
Our tickets are economy flex and we are currently seated in the bulkhead ( paid for extra leg room)

is there a way to check availability? I have called emirates but they say you have to wait until 3 or 2 days before check in..
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