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Originally Posted by RichardRodent View Post
My three children and I all have the GE since 2017. I just found out the "better" benefit of Nexus. My oldest is turning 18 this Aug. I am wondering if she can apply for NEXUS now and still get 5 year validation with no charge? Do we have to get it approved before her birthday?
Welcome to FT.

If I were you, I would apply NEXUS for your oldest child immediately. Assuming s/he will be approved in 3 months, then schedule an appointment immediately before his/her 18th birthday. At interview, you can ask officers your question/s.

My question would be, is NEXUS still free if interview takes place on his/her birthday or after? Then you know what to do with the other two children.

Good luck. Please come back and share with us your new knowledge.
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