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Originally Posted by subject2load View Post
Canít provide a definitive answer but my understanding is that any aircraft with the old style seats / config will indeed be refurbished eventually (or replaced by 787ís ?)

Either way, I can say from personal experience that - whether old or new cabin - you will be getting a quality biz class product. Given a choice - and as a mostly solo flyer - I am happier with the old because of the greater privacy (and excellent storage space) offered by the window seats ; but the likelihood of finding yourself on a new is greater.

If you havenít already seen it, there was a thread a while back on the same topic and the same question .... albeit with no conclusive response.
Oman Air - Confused about Business Class seat map
Thank you for your insights and I completely agree, either way it's going to be a quality business class product and either way, I wouldn't be disappointed.

I'll have a look at the link as I haven't seen it yet as well.

Thank you!
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