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Originally Posted by Vasco Pridat View Post
I think those proposals don't work.

Tha AA version works with the staff walking around.
But those about 50 people that dropped their luggage now still had tremendous amounts of bags and backpacks they now put in the overhead bins.
So they weren't 'clean' just cuz they checked one large suitcase.
BUT the whole progress can be very easy.. Keep it lake now. Have them go through Check their bags and sit down behind the staff as they did now.
But when you start boarding.. Just let them sit there and wait till the boarding is done?
From the way the staff calls for the luggage tho it sounds like it is to lure people in checking the luggage .. Most people don't want their bags taken.. For time at the belt.
So the policy is.. Come, come.. You get priority boarding...
From your perspective, was the issue the principle that lots of people boarded ahead of yourself (Group 1), or that such people clogged up the overheads such that you could not put your hand luggage above your seat?
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