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Originally Posted by findark View Post
Cut a meal choice, eliminate all mid-flight "hot" snacks, reduce the systemwide variety of entrees (especially at the salad/dressing/etc level), cut down another wine choice, remove the port option, go back to sundaes as the only dessert service... hey, UA should hire me

(Only posting because you know Kirby already has these lined up along with the timing he thinks he can get away with.)
And making all those cuts... who would UA then be in league with, to remain "competitive"? At that point, AA and DL, providing they don't make their own cuts, would have 3-4 (I know AA has 4 for sure) meal choices and various dessert choices (I think AA has 2-3 dessert choices, depending on if it's J or F). I know AA's system better, though, compared to DL.
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