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Originally Posted by vincewy View Post
Anyone thinking about transferring to TK due to their 20% bonus, think again.

Transferred 6K (7.2K M&S) Feb 9th and still hasn't shown up, and I'm not the only one seeing this issue. At the moment M&S is completely messed up as far as mileage accruals, which has been ongoing since Nov last year.
Thank you for posting this. I was an idiot and transferred 67.5k miles (90k miles) on February 8th without thinking of things that could go wrong with a particular redemption on a particular day in mind. I have a call out to TK as well. I've called them every day, tweeted, submitted their stupid "Feedback forms" and called Citi multiple times. I have the flight on reserve and I've extended it once, but the miles still haven't posted. Have you reached out to them? Will we see these miles in our accounts? I even tried to conference Citi into a call with TK but they yelled an said they can't do that. I'm at wit's end!!
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