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Originally Posted by andyyac1 View Post
Cmon guys. Please don't ruin it for the rest of us who want to be valued guests. Ive been a loyal repeater to the Conrad Maldives and others for a decade now. I know the Maldives inside out.

The yacht transfer is exactly that... a stunning multi million dollar yacht from what I can tell. Jeez... if you are .....ing so hard about this you should definitely stay at home. The Maldives is very special, very expensive part of the world.

If you start threatening and being super cheap...they will shut down the opportunity we have. I gladly pay the seaplane every time X3 people because it is an event, and the logistics are super expensive there.

Please please guys don't be cheap.... or if you're looking to save money...Hawaii is much closer and cheaper. Or try Ohio maybe?
If you know the Maldives inside out you would know that TMA is a monopoly (that type of transportation was basically a price-fixed monopoly even before the merger) screwing travellers for the seaplane ride, plain and simple. We accept it and have done for ages. With this yacht transfer the fact of the matter is that it's principle, not the amount. They are trying to double-screw us and that's just not acceptable for us 'average folks', those of us who are not multi-millionnaires, anyway. Who cares if the boat costs millions, it's a long term investment that's part and parcel of opening a place like this. Your post is so ridiculous in that you yourself are happy to be screwed over at every turn and expect everyone else to be as well. And you call us cheap for having principles! That's arrogant and sad at the same time.

Originally Posted by Traveler Dave View Post
Lets be fair. There is not one instance of a breach of contract here. Until they deny someone
True, but they intend to deny (everyone) and intend to breach. That's the problem. The fact that the breaches will commence on the first day someone checks out doesn't make what they are doing right.
What they should say is "We will honour what is in the confirmation email from the Hilton system as that is a formal contract (not what we continue to reiterate / try to enforce / demand in our emails back and forth)."
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