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Originally Posted by sbiddle View Post
As much as many in here love to hate on the BP the problem is lots of feedback doesn't back that up, and my experience flying back from ORD on Sunday was proof of that.

The BP cabin was chokka full of Americans who are in all likelihood paying top $$ who simply couldn't get over how great the plane was, how great the cabin was, how great their sleep was, how great the service was, and how great it was they could dine at their seat (multiple couples chose this for both meals). They were gushing over the crew and telling them this repeatedly and how much better they were than all the other airlines they'd flown.

Who should NZ really listen to?
The inflight service is still excellent compared to Polaris on UA where asking for a mattress pad is met with a stern scowl from the FAs and the food is increasingly cost cut.

The big thing is leg room -- as a 6'1" person, it's a much easier fit on some of the newer products (such as UA's)

By far my biggest rant was about lounges though -- it's more peaceful in the terminal at times

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