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sdsearch is referring to THIS post.

My recollection of the 2016 episode is hazy. I did some digging today, and I see reports that VISA transactions showed "GFT" as a code, but don't see any reports that it appeared on American Express transactions.

There have been many periods when reimbursements were delayed.
At least since December 2018, my VISA Infinite shows "GFT AA Y FEE" in the description. Even with that, it was reimbursed as part of the VISA Airline incidentals statement credit.

I used the AMEX Airline credit in January, so before this change. I have a gift card purchased on Jan 7th to the Visa Infinite, will post if it gets reimbursed. If it doesn't, something also changed for VISA cards. I can't see the description of the charge yet.
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