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Welcome, and glad you arrived safely.

You can get a Rav-Kav in the terminal upon arrival. I am pasting below a post made by "joshwex90" in the "El Al Matmid" forum ( FINALLY!!!! TLV-Jerusalem railway is up and running!!! ):
  1. You can get a Rav-Kav at the Public Transportation Information Center in T3 upon arrival. Info on TripAdvisor
  2. No longer a need for a voucher
  3. You can ride for free with the Rav-Kav or can purchase a one-way paper ticket. If using the Rav-Kav, you still "buy" a ticket, simply the "cost" is 0 shekel. You can buy either (Rav-Kav free or paper ticket for cost) at the train station just outside T3. If using Rav-Kav, I recommend getting a round-trip ticket to save time for your return journey, if returning from Jerusalem to the airport.
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