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I agree the tone reads as "we didn't want to do it but we don't know how to compete in the market otherwise."

Basic Economy as it stands is more often than not a bad value, especially on an airline whose big selling point is loyalty and playing the upgrade roulette game. I get a $110.00 transcon fare is a money losing proposition for Alaska (and by all means, offer them at that rate!), but paying an additional $33.00 on a $260.00 fare to avoid the middle seat in row 32 is a garbage proposition. It's not that you didn't communicate it to your customers, it's that you gave them a bad deal.

Free advice to the Alaska suits-
Basic Economy should serve as a way to unbundle fares and upsell, not as a threat to shake down customers for another $30.00 to get a mystery bag (maybe you'll get an upgrade!).
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