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Originally Posted by fox13weather View Post
Booked on Norwegian in late May from Tampa to Gatwick and then in June from Rome to Newark. Big family trip. Saw the decent fares and jumped all over it. Praying and hoping they are still in business in a few months. The alternative will not be fun and certainly not cheap.
It's impossible to know for sure, but I think your odds are good. I'd be more worried about AFTER summer.

I just hope you paid little for your flights. I have family members (who didn't consult me) who bought tickets on Norwegian when they could have gotten the same deal (or better) on one of the major carriers. As most folks here know, if you're a little flexible and you watch the fares on sites like secretflying and theflightdeal, it's usually not hard to get a cheap transatlantic fare on a major carrier (and, of course, there are many ways for Americans to game the credit card sign-ups for free flights). So now my family members have to worry about their trip for no good reason. That's why no one else should be buying Norwegian tickets now unless the deal is truly incredible. Which, of course, will be ANOTHER revenue problem for Norwegian!
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