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Originally Posted by icelandman2 View Post
Has anyone found a consistently successful way to exclude X fares on either alaskaair.com or on GF? I've tried searching via ITA, though it often seems to price higher than what the same fares show once I click through to the AS website. Trying to head to a wedding in ANC and have very little experience with X fares since I'm usually booking direct for conferences/work and don't have to worry (too much) about costs.
I don't know of any way to make alaskaair.com act like X fares don't exist site-wide, but I've found that on the "All Search Options" interface (which also appears at the top of results when browsing results), if you select an upgrade type, any upgrade type, it won't show the "Saver" column. The X fares still appear in the row of dates along the top, so if your days are flexible, you want use the flexible calendar view like @VegasGambler said.

It's just a layout change, and not really that useful, but I've found that ignoring a column in the middle is easier than ignoring the column on the left. With the Saver column shown, I'm constantly having moments of "Ooo! There's a good price!" followed by disappointment. It's maddening. The more I can hide X fares from myself, the better. I really wish it was a site-wide setting, including email marketing!
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