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Originally Posted by tuphat View Post
New form requires SSN if purchase "exceeds" $10k. Today, I purchased 20X$500, so $10k for cards but >$10k when considering fees. CSR did not require me to complete the SSN section. Not sure if this is reflective of policy or just an outlier.

P.S> I still vote for Simon as the overall best place to acquire GCs -- friendly, efficient, professional, competitive pricing. These guys are really the kings of GC sellers, as far as I am concerned.

EDIT: I originally said 10 cards, meant 20 cards.
the $25k is not in effect yet but they are being trained on it. I know one Simon sold >$10k with fees accidentally but no big deal due to the upcoming conversion. They noted there will be new forms but donít know when they will get the green light.
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