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Originally Posted by ijgordon View Post
I think I just got ripped off.
JFK-SLC Skymiles award upgrade for 35k one-way, originally booked in K (and re-booked into "OY" class post-upgrade).
Per the chart in the wiki it should be 20k, but I didn't think to look here until right after the agent processed it.
The "pay with miles" option online was ~$400 or ~38k+ miles, so I did save a few (although would I have earned first class EQMs doing that as it books into Z???).

I asked her to double-check, and while she did confirm that a route like JFK-LAX would be the 28k as quoted in the Wiki, she double-checked and said SLC was 35k.

I may write in to customer service anyway, complaining. But of course I didn't have to accept the offer, so I'll live with the outcome.

Perhaps its best to wait to update the Wiki on this one?
Back with some resolution here.

I wrote in a complaint shortly before my travel, but didnít hear back until the other day, about 2 weeks later. They claimed that everything was processed properly.

I reached out on Twitter to ask the mileage requirement for JFK-SLC in K and was told 25k, but then they couldnít directly assist with my issue. So I called the elite line, blindly asked the mileage requirement and was again told 25k. So then I bought up my case file issue. She took a look and apparently discovered it was processed as the award level for Hawaii. . So she got Skymiles on the phone, and they have credited me the 10k back.

Really annoyed for the runaround on this of course, but glad it worked out.

That said, I think the other lesson here is that the mileage chart in the wiki is already outdated. Maybe we need a few more data points to corroborate though. (That said, JFK-LAX in K to DeltaOne still is 28k miles.
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