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Originally Posted by Petrus View Post
I would say this is more a UK cultural issue than specific to BA. Why?

I remember mentioning Paternity leave to several different UK based firms that I've worked for (and currently work) and the answer was a scoff.
That's for women, basically.

In Sweden which is my home country and current base the state pays the parents 80% (of the median wage to be added) of their salary if staying at home with a child up to 8 years. You get around 350 "full days" and 100 with marginal pay, all off which can be divided between the parents. The father cannot gift all days to the mother, but there is a lot of flexibility. Many employers then top up the remaining 20% so the average Swede is doing ok while at home with their child.
Obviously, for those with a higher salary this is not such a great deal unless they've got a good package from their employer topping up further.

Often, those tied to a Union which has a collective bargaining agreement will get a top up from their union.

The result is that far more fathers are around for their kids!
I've had several 2-3 month summer breaks using paternity leave to spend time with the kids. It's great. Not all about the money.
Donít forget that in Sweden the marginal tax rate is 58% to pay for this, pretty much forcing both parents to work even though one of them would prefer to be a stay-at-home parent. No system is perfect.

By and large I agree with you, it is a cultural thing.
Not sure why BA is being singled out here though. A lot of UK corporates limit parental pay to the statutory minimum, and they should all be called out to improve their practices.
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