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Originally Posted by SuperCargo View Post
How hard could it be for AC to load some foam pads on every 777/787 flight in case some seats deflate? Sure, not ideal solution, but if the fix for the seat really is going through certification, then it would only be needed for a limited time...
I think if AC does it formally then the foam pads need to be certified as well (think flammability). If you and I do it, no problem! How difficult would it have been for AC to jump through the hoops for a foam pad solution? Not much, especially if someone had been assigned to a backup plan B a year ago... Frustrating.

I have my $30 inflatable pad from Amazon, fits in the palm of my hand when rolled up. If I have to use it, the cabin is going to wonder what is going on :-). I am going to film it, and share with the world. If a whole bunch of us do it, might it go viral?

Have 14 TATL/TPAC flights booked at the moment. Donít like the idea of being nervous where I should be relaxed. Defeats the purpose.
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