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AS Cancels EK Award Tickets for My Friend [Possible Merge]

Alaska Airlines cancelled my friends’ Emirates flight from Cape Town to JFK (via DXB) that I booked using my own miles, without notifying her & after confirming 3x that her booking was all good. After she was checked in & at the airport, Emirates told her Alaska cancelled her ticket. Alaska’s Customer Care office is NOT open 24 hours, so there was no one for us or Emirates to call to try to fix it (we tried).

Once Customer Care office opened 8 hours later, we were was informed by a Customer Care Supervisor in Seattle, that Alaska Airlines Policy forbids Mileage Plan members from using our own miles to book award tickets for friends or family members. She went on to say that if the passenger has the same last name as the mileage plan member, the ticket may not get “flagged”, although it was still a violation.

She showed us where on the Alaska website it states these terms, although to me it looked like a paragraph that was written for travel agents or brokers. The supervisor clarified again, and said whoever books the flight is considered the “travel arranger” and therefore that paragraph DOES apply, and it is absolutely forbidden for anyone to use miles for anyone other than the person whose name is on the account (unless you open a business account?!)! I’m still in shock. The call was recorded for verification purposes. My friend had to purchase a 1k last minute tix for the following day & is waiting now, still packed to head back to the airport in Cape Town.
I’ve been collecting Alaska miles myself & was excited for my friend to fly home on Emirates and had planned to book a business or first class ticket myself. After losing 2k and losing 2 invaluable & frustrating days I’m at a loss... has anyone heard of anything like this? Should I post part of the 1 hour recording where she clearly and repeatedly states the above policy? Any advise is deeply appreciated.
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