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Originally Posted by milepig View Post
Which brings up the age-old question of why "destroyed" isn't covered under "disabled"- if you disable it in any way, including destruction, it isn't going to work - just like "what's the difference between a sign and a placard."
Yes, if you destroy something, it's disabled, but here the practical difference is that if the passenger merely turned off the smoke detector (I don't know whether this is possible), the FA could turn it on again. To disable a device suggests that it can be "re-enabled" fairly quickly and easily, although this might require a mechanic or some certification that it was done properly. If the airline is sending a bill for the cost of the damage to the passenger, it would be much higher if the smoke detector had been destroyed rather than just disabled.

Besides, doesn't the standard airline safety announcement say that one isn't allowed to disable or destroy the lavatory smoke detectors?

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