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Originally Posted by thebigben View Post
All the fares are in the Wiki above!

I apologise since this is a different format, please do close if it's not allowed but I am finding many deals, some of which weren't on the forum, and in this case, checking each fare individually against what already exists and posting different threads for each would take significantly more time than finding which good premium fares are current. I will do my best to keep this first post updated.

I am doing this since I've got my loyalty with OneWorld and am generally keen to depart anywhere in Europe, and I hope this proves to be useful for people with similar interests. I am doing my best to mentally filter what is a unusually good fare given the destination at hand, for example, going to Japan or flying on Cathay is usually more expensive, but please do provide feedback when you can.

If anything is of interest, you should be able to find the fare in Google Flights in order to get a better idea of dates and connections. If this thread proves of interest, I can also spend the time to write more detailed descriptions for those.
thanks you for this!!!
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