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Originally Posted by VegasGambler View Post
Good god, this is what is wrong with society. Too many people just willing to "take it". Scared because it won't end well for you? Come on, grow up, be a man for crying out loud. I will not cower in fear of someone just because they are wearing a little name tag with wings on it.

By the way, an FA absolutely cannot kick you off a flight. You don't even know what you are scared of here. The captain was brought into this and the FA clearly lost, and ended up having to sit in the galley for the whole flight while someone else did her job. Undoubtedly the captain ended up filing an incident report over this. If this ended poorly for someone, it was the FA.

As for the GA situation... no, they cannot cancel your ticket and tell you to contact AA for a refund. Again, you don't even know what you are scared of here.
There are plenty of stories of people who tried to speak up for themselves and ended up getting screwed.

If you have to deal with crazy people, the best thing to do is to say as little as possible, even if you would like to stab the person in the neck.
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