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Any sign up bonuses available?

I'm new to Hyatt Gold Passport, been a Hilton Hhonors Diamond member for a long time now and thought I'd give Hyatt a whirl. Does anyone know if there are any current point (or otherwise) bonuses for enrolling in the program? I did a search and didn't find any. I haven't signed my wife up yet, and thought that before I sign her up it would pay to inquire here first.

For the record, after reading all the helpful advice here I was able to get comped Diamond status until Feb. 06. I should be able to easily qualify the normal way by then. I tried signing up for CIGAR but was told it was for new members only. Apparently I signed up for Gold Passport way back in 99, but haven't used it since then. I did sign up for FFN, and should be racking up the free nights quite nicely.

Am I missing any other promos? Are there any other insider tips you think I should be aware of as a newbie to Hyatt? Forgive me if these questions have been asked before, I did search and didn't come up with anything other than what is posted in my post, that's why I'm asking.

Thanks for all your help. It has really helped so far.
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