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Originally Posted by Visconti View Post
Probably asking too much these days, but, while it's fine for employees to share complaints amongst themselves, I'd rather they stick to the time honored tradition of not showing public disloyalty to one's employer. After they've moved on or in private, fine, gloves off; but, to do so while receiving a paycheck, and to voice it in public while on the clock, in plain view of customers no less, is just distasteful, in my view.
To be fair, they're not collecting a paycheck when the door is open. A woman asked a FA if she could use the restroom during boarding, and he said "For a small fee" as a joke. Then as the FA walked away to let her through, he turned to me and goes "Oh jeez, I hope Doug Parker didn't hear that. He'll get ideas." If I'd had an AApplause cert I'd have handed it to him right then.
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