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Originally Posted by tonei View Post
It would be change fee + fare difference to the lowest fare available at the time of the change, not necessarily a refundable fare (thatís Southwest)
Soutwest doesn't require you to change to a refundable fare, that's just what's usually available when changing day of or within a couple of days of travel. But not always. No different than AS except no $125 fee on top of it all.

Originally Posted by nsx View Post
Unrelated, can anyone here confirm that changing (not refunding) the refundable fare return will or will not incur $125x2 change fee?
I can. Been burned by this before. Both legs of the ticket inherit the restrictive non-refundable/change fee policies of the most restrictive segment. I've had forgiveness from phone reps when I called in after explaining that I didn't realize that, but YMMV. That's why, even as a non-Gold, I always split into two one-ways if one of the segments is a refundable fare, but this isn't an option for a companion ticket.
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