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Originally Posted by jcr67 View Post you have me thinking about 13E (or 7E? - that may be noisier from the galley/toilets?). If it's a few cm extra elbow width than in 13K, that may be the deciding factor. Do you have control of both L and R privacy screens?
The WC isn't obvious from 7E. There is some online comment that row 13 may get noise from any infants in the WTP bassinets (on the other side of the partition) but it hasn't happened to me, so far.

The thing is that both 13E and 7E are very private - yes you can control the screens on both side, another unique feature about the seat - and you have two exit routes too. However it is boxed in on all sides when the screens are up, so I guess for some people it wouldn't be suitable. I guess claustrophobia affects different people in different ways. But yes, if it's width you are after it's going to be the E seats. Moreover if one of the two outer seats remains empty - and row 13 would be the most likely for that - then you can choose to keep that screen down (or not) and use the empty seat for storing things.
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