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Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave View Post
Welcome to Flyertalk and welcome to the BA forum jcr67, it's good to see you here, thank you for the question.
Thank you! And thanks for your reply.

Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave View Post
I'm guessing you are concerned about being boxed into 13K, but personally I think it's a good seat and a lot more open than say the E seats. 6B and J are aisle seats so that loses the privacy altogether and you're still looking a bulkhead and in a smaller cabin. So I'm not sure why you would prefer these if privacy was a factor. Have you had previous CW experience in windows versus aisle?
Yes, it's only the width of the space I am concerned about in 13K. I'm worried that if it feels too hemmed in sideways, I might be in for 12 hours of hell. But everything else about that seat makes it the best choice for me.
The smaller cabin of row 6/7 would not be a problem - I would like that. No claustro from that. I have had experience with 6D equivalent in CW - but about 7 years ago, on a 777 or 767, from memory. Pretty bad for Bus Class really. The lack of privacy on the aisle is not good - but that is all. Looking at the bulkhead would be fine. And no interference from other passengers in 6B/D/J etc either.
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