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It's the same rate. I think Zorak was trying to say that if you are outside of US, you should use Hangouts to call instead of your normal phone's dialer because using the phone dialer would be fixed rate of $0.20 per min while using the Hangouts app would be at those listed rate + your data usage (cheaper than $0.20 per min).
This. From the US, Fi users pay the same rate whether dialing direct or using Hangouts. Outside the US, you pay 20c/min to anywhere when dialing direct or the Hangouts rate when using the Hangouts dialer, so unless you're calling somewhere really remote it's not worth it to dial direct.

Also worth noting is that anyone with any carrier can pay the Hangouts rates by signing up for a free Google Voice account. When you're in the US, you can use the GV app to dial around (your phone automatically calls an American number which puts the call through to the overseas recipient) or use Hangouts over data, same price either way. For GV users abroad, it's Hangouts only.
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