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Originally Posted by jsloan View Post
This is my problem with 1K pre-boarding. There's no line to cut into (except at NRT).

Instead, people hover somewhere near the entrance to the gate area and more-or-less wait for 1K pre-boarding to be called -- but since there's no line, it's impossible for anybody to tell the difference between other 1Ks waiting for the pre-boarding call and non-1Ks who like to stand near the gate... and so you get this mass of people all independently moving toward the gate agent like the 1K Zombie Apocalypse.
Guess I'm the odd one out here, I don't mind this at all. Even out of IAH where 1K pre-boarding is 20+, it's a generic "shuffle" to get on the plane. No real line, but definitely a lot less anxiety then when it was G1 and you could be 50 people back. The (still large) pre-boarding group is small enough to where there's no anxiety to ensure you don't get cut in the non-existent pre-board line, IMO.
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