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Have been flying since I was tiny (first flight I recall was London to Shannon on Aer Lingus however believe Iíd done a fair bit before that)

been procrastinating from a research paper today so can tell you Iíve done just a whisker over 500,000km on commercial since (my) records began in 2011. Prior to that iím not entirely sure although I believe I had around 2500 hours flight time when I was 18 (my father had kept a rough tally but of hours rather than distance...). Between the 2 is a bit of a blur. 3600 LTTP on BA however spent a few years as LATAM plat since then and now around 1000 QFF SC. On track for WP by mid year due to another 60000 odd KMs booked

age...a lady never tells 😉

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