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My flying history can be broken down into three periods: 'early' since 1986 through c.1998 with a 'company' policy of cheapest of cheap seats, always economy of course, no matter how far with any airline (occasionally BA, but also TWA, PanAm, NorthWest, Continental...), plus a short spell of some of my own flying; 'middle' from 1998 through 2010 where it was still a policy of flying economy, but I had a bit more flexibility for creativity (increasingly BA); 'recent', since 2010 where I can book flights myself - policy is for economy, but creativity allows some PE, and salary allows (and OH insists) occasional Business Class.

Overall mileage is probably >1.7M miles, with BA about 1.2M miles but relatively few lifetime TPs at about 11k. Age-wise, let's just say that I have to scroll down the page to check the age boxes now!
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