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Talking Bye Bye Plat, Bye Bye Happiness, Hello Loneliness :)

Spoiler alert - long and sentimental posting. :-: :-: :-: :-: :-: :-:

What a ride it has been! I joined Skymiles way back in the early 80s (my number starts with 04000). I flew a bit here and there, but didn't really log a lot of travel until over 20 years later.

Around 2003 I began a period of work travel. In 2004 I bumped over the SM threshold, and finally on 11/30/2005 I cleared the 75K MQM threshold and became a PM. That was the highest published status at the time, and ironically I earned it between LAX and SBA on an American Eagle flight codeshared with Delta. (I know this because I still have those old fashioned paper statements from back then.)

Back in the day, I flew Continental, Northwest, Alaska, Eagle codeshares, and occasionally even Delta - and all were credited to SkyMiles. I was even in on the legendary double MQMs out of BNA promotion, and the more legendary Kevin Pinto had to fix it when it didn't post correctly.

In 2010 I eked out Charter DM, and managed to scrape up enough flights and credit card MQMs to stay there for four years. That was good, but I always thought that the treatment of PMs prior to the DM level was much better than what the new DMs got. The old PM line was flawless, while the new DM line lead me down the garden path more than once.

Then the travel fell off and I had to do a first-ever weekend mileage run just to maintain Platinum. Nothing makes your weekend like HSV-ATL-SFO-ATL-HSV-ATL-SAN-ATL-HSV on back to back redeyes. That mileage run went off without a hitch, yet the next weekend I needed HSV-ATL-CLT-ATL-HSV for the final few MQMs and that one went all to heck. IROPS on 3 of 4 flights.

Along the way I cleared the MM mark, so I have complimentary annual FO until Delta decides otherwise. Ironically even though my travel fell off in the past few years, I actually qualified for FO both on MQMs and MQDs.

But it was all good, and this forum (is there anybody from the 2004 era still posting here?) has been a great resource for information and to make new friends. (Remember the FT events at Delta? Those were amazing.)

I'll miss many of the SkyPriority bennies, maybe most the priority bag tags. Those really work!

Delta has been very good to me, and many Delta folks have been exceptionally kind. I dearly miss our friend Mr. Pinto, though he lived a good and full life and had so many friends all over the world when he passed. (If you don't know, Kevin's on the left.)

Tonight at midnight (EST?) I will say Bye Bye to 13+ years of PM or better, and free fall down to FO.

Cue Tom Petty:


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