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check bonus offers in ur RR acct. 15% bonus on all points earned 2/1 to Apr 30. Any1 who MS can get an easy 15k bonus ($100k limit). terms say does not apply to CC bonus pts trnsfrrd.

Earn 15% bonus points

Register to earn up to 15,000 bonus points this year.

When you have at least 10,000 points post to your Rapid RewardsŪ account between 2/1/19 and 4/30/19 under the category of 'Credit Card', you'll be eligible for a 15% bonus (up to 15,000 bonus points*).

For example, if you have 3,500 points from your Rapid Rewards Credit Card post to your account each month during February, March, and April, you'll earn 1,575 bonus points from Southwest.

Those 1,575 bonus points will count toward Companion Pass, too!

Here is what it could look like in your Rapid Rewards Account:

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