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Originally Posted by UKtravelbear View Post
the key strokes needed might only be trivial but the agent needs a good reason to over ride the auto cancel and that reason also needs to be good enough to convince a supervisor or manager as well.
Indeed. I have been in the position of having the rest of a ticket cancelled because of an erroneous no-show on the first leg - I had flown the DUB-LHR but for some reason the information which came across from DUB said I had not. It was not trivial to get the ticket re-instated. Bearing in mind I have access to the excellent GGL team it took them over an hour to resolve and involved them checking the manifest to ensure I did actually fly. The idea some low level twitter agent is simply going to re-instate the ticket within a few seconds based on a bp without checking you actually flew is frankly deluded. Regardless of the moral and legal issues I would strongly advise the OP to ignore that advice as a waste of time.
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