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Originally Posted by MasterGeek View Post
I've had United and especially Delta waive cancellation or change fees more than one time as a goodwill gesture for award and reveue flights without having elite status, but Alaska never wanted to waive cancellation fees "as a one time goodwill gesture" for my award reservations since the elimination of cancellation/change fees 60 days before departure on award reservations.

I find this surprising given the fact that Alaska Air is portrayed as a customer friendly airlines. I find Delta more friendly in this regard and will keep that in mind for future revenue reservations.

What have been your exeriences guys ? Have you ever benefited from a waiver of cancellation fees as a goodwill gesture from Alaska (not because you have. MVP Gold status or are entitled to the waiver in some other wa)

Apparently it isn’t just a “one time goodwill gesture” as you have had this on both United and Delta previously. In addition your tremendous appreciation of United and Deltas customer friendly good will was disregarded when arranging and executing a non refundable ticket with Alaska.

Would these random gestures of good will based upon the whims of an agent or customer service agent actually be considered unfriendly to those who purchased a refundable or flexible ticket?

My loyalty to an airline and the airlines attempt to gain my loyalty are based upon mutual benefit that typically requires a relationship and thus the purpose of status elite to demonstrate a relationship before receiving benefits.
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