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Originally Posted by canadiancow View Post
I suspect they may be less willing to believe an undocumented claim because of how popular this thread is now. My first two issues did not receive a compensation form, but I had no trouble getting compensation.

AmericanBovine had an issue once, but we explicitly asked for and received the form, and he received compensation.

I'm glad my expensive tickets haven't had issues, or I suspect there would have been a much larger fight.

So, I had documentation - a card with a reference number rather than a form as they didn't have one on board, and this was the reply - no compensation.

""Thank you for writing to us about flight X. I'm very sorry to hear that you experienced a seat deflation issue again on this occasion.

I can certainly understand your frustration with the seating issues you have encountered over the last year. We know our customers look forward to a comfortable and restful experience on long flights, and I would like to extend our sincere apologies for the consistent inconveniences you have experienced. I wish to assure you this is equally unacceptable to us, and the seat deflation issue is being looked into internally.

In addition, we have been in contact with our Inflight management team to request confirmation that the On Board Compensation forms are being loaded on all flights. They have advised that they will follow-up with their teams so we can ensure OBC forms are available in these instances.

We have also requested further information about flight AC X specifically, and very much appreciate your continued patience and understanding while we look into this matter.

I know this doesn't make your experiences any less frustrating, but I want to assure you we truly value your loyalty and support. We sincerely hope to be given the chance to serve you more favourably in the near future.""
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