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Well, it indeed was generic but is it still going to be generic after refurbish? If they really plan to reflag it as Radisson Collection, they surely have higher ambitions with the property. I think it's reasonable to expect points rate going up.
The refurb is supposedly going to be extensive (well, the hotel is going to be closed for 6 months to do this), including major lobby hall overhaul, opening the restaurant to the public more, reception facing the entrance and such. No words about how the rooms gonna be like. They're supposedly getting rid of the presidential suite and considering putting in a lounge - but that is just a rumor, take it with a grain of salt.

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I wonder what happens with Sobieski in a mid-term future. I preferred the property above Centrum but it's in desperate need for renovation and if Centrum gets better, I will see very few reasons for staying at Sobieski.
Another one? They just recently (1-2 years ago) announce they've finished their latest round of refurbishment (the process supposedly began around 2015). But i agree - Sobieski offers very outdated product with service all over the place.

There was supposed to be a park in built in Warsaw, but i can't find any recent info about this project
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