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Not sure if the poster was really meaning anything bad. For some people, they still worked, and as you mentioned, they may have been working harder than normal. Some were on "vacation", but only able to afford to stay home financially. Others have enough in savings and were able to actually vacation.

It varies widely, and to think the poster was "dickish" might be a jump. Nor can one assume every federal employee was hurt either.

What makes no sense is that SWest paid somebody or some agency to do their job. Nuts.
I think I just bristle at the term vacation itself. Administration officials saying furloughed employees were better off... Just think all of that is a dickish way of describing what happened to government employees.

My other half was briefly furloughed, and while we were comfortable financially, it's not like we were able to go out of town. Could be recalled at any minute, but hearing crazy talk of months or years... The term vacation isn't even close.
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