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I had a long conversation today. SD says they are told ONLY to hand out if cannot be (eventually) rectified. So if deflated and you are told flight full and they will reset and see if works and then deflates on and off all night and needs resetting with you keep having to get up, and eventually hours later at 2 am they make a non-rev move out of their seat for you leaving the entire cabin awake all night then it was rectified and no form will be given. They are also told in those instances that putting on manifest is sufficient.
Wow. What a customer-centric approach! [/sarcasm]

But does not surprise at all given the reluctance I've experienced with some crew members in these circumstances. I've found instead of negotiating / pleading with the in-flight crew, if they don't offer proactively, I just go straight to the online form. Not sure if it's because I'm SE, but I've always received compensation that way.
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