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Originally Posted by Braswch View Post
Is this a good layover hotel? Arrive HKG from the US 7pm on a Saturday in Feb. Depart HKG the next day at 4:05. We will have access to the CX lounges when we head back to the airport.
I guess I'm looking to:
- minimize travel time to and from. Open to airport express or car.
- have a relaxing enjoyable stay
- easily be able to get out and walk around before heading back to the airport to start to work on jet lag. So either in a good location or be able to easily get to a good location.
- Family of 5 and 1 of us has never been to HK
- I'd like to get some good old street food or similar.

How's the RC compare to other Kowloon and HK Hotels?
RC is very convenient to the Airport Express train, a short walk through a shopping mall / office building complex. So about as easy as you could ask for to/from airport. And very comfortable, as you would expect.

Itís not so good for getting out into ďthe real Hong KongĒ which most likely requires taking the subway or a cab elsewhere (or a long and somewhat confusing walk through the shopping mall and the high-speed rail station next door before you ever get outside). There is nothing street food-esque in the immediate vicinity of the RC.

HK/Kowloon hotels will offer better walking around but are all somewhat harder to get to/from airport, at least by public transit. The Airport Express does run free shuttle buses to/from Kowloon and HK stations to major hotels if you wanted to look at that option. Or just get cars from the airport.

W is also right next door to Ritz if thatís of any interest for better elite treatment and/or lower price. Itís very much an above average quality W, though then the RC has bragging rights as highest hotel in the world.
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