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Originally Posted by yyznomad View Post
The white forms are for anything that was defective and not rectifiable by fixing it in-flight (e.g. seat, reading light, etc.), or accommodating the pax with the same e.g. sitting in another the seat that is not deflated, reading light works, etc. The forms are not for situations where the passenger is complaining about how they didn't like how a FA is treating them, or if the SE 2MM is complaining about not being asked for their meal order first, etc... there is the regular online complaint form that anyone can fill out and is publicly available to anyone as long as they have the minimum info such as flight, seat, PNR, status, etc.
Totally understand the diffence between white form and online submission form, as well as the purpose of it. Just hypothesizing why SD's appear to be reluctant to hand them out

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