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Originally Posted by mamau View Post
I have not been told that they are being fixed, no SD or no tech ever mentioned this. All they tell me is that's a known issue. The solution may be available, but not being implemented to my knowledge. It may be a matter of 'when'.
Several people on FT speak to the powers that be at AC and have relayed the fact that they have a fix which, last I read, was delayed due to fire testing or something. It does as you say appear to be taking a little too long but as Iíve posted I donít personally feel AC is prioritizing it as much as they could - probably because theyíre still filling J and occasionally giving out token coupons that force people to fly more AC. And some might comment on a new reluctance from SDs to provide the requisite form.

Originally Posted by ksm06 View Post
Back from SFO yesterday on the red eye and when I tried to sleep noticed the top half totally deflated. The in charge said she had never seen this before
Must be a new FA/SD on these planes then. I canít believe anyone who flies regularly on the afflicted planes hasnít seen it before.
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