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So after today I am so confused now. I stayed in a Holiday Inn last night that offered a 5,000 points bonus points package and today it posted as its own line as "Hotel Promotion Bonus Points." Those 5,000 didn't go to my qualifying points/status. This is the same way my 10k posted.

But last week I stayed at a different Holiday Inn and the 5,000 points package posted along with my stay under the base points and elite bonus points. Those 5,000 points posted to my qualifying points/status. Last year all of my 5k points posted that way.

So are the 5,000 packages supposed to be non qualifying as well?

Update on the scenario above. So I paid money got the 5,000 point package. Before the actual stay posted.....for the hotel I got 5,000 points posted as Hotel Promotion Bonus Points. Then today when the stay posted I got base points, elite bonus points, and bonus point package of 5,000.

So I keep a excel spread sheet of all my points and stays. So I was given 10k bonus points when I was only supposed to get 5k from the bonus points package. If they audit my account I am sure they will take those away.

The 5,000 points that was posted with the stay went to my Elite Status points. Now in 4 nights I have 26,670 elite qualifying points. Done 1 10k package, 2 5k packages, and 1 regular stay.
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