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Originally Posted by Keter View Post
I just opened the FB page of OS and I shall say its fun there. A mini PR disaster
My friend said Chinese forums reported 1,500 tickets sold. I guess OS is still looking into whatif scenarios to see if they are better off keeping that 1,5M USD or refunding it.
Haha, out of curiousity I went over to have a look and indeed, quite a read...but I am actually surprised that so many of them are from China/Far-east region. As before this I've never really see that region getting into these error fare game especially in such a significant number - as i would assume that there's lot of blocked website, etc and even with VPN.. let's say an eye-opener to me.
I guess luckily I did not jump on this - but I had expected that OS would have been more efficient in resolving this, they could have taken the more political way out, just downgrade the tickets to Y and I think most pax would have cancelled it on their own wish rather than keeping silence and quietly cancelling the tickets.

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