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did anyone checked Facebook Austrian account? a lot of complains and no one still received any information WHY tickets were cancelled and what to do and any confirmations. However, Austrian started to send everyone PM.
However, I think they are trying to figure out how to explain these prices and do not go under EU Regulations, because now it seems like all tickets goes under Article 4 (Overbooking and denying boarding). Everyone has confirmed tickets, mos of them were not cancelled after 24 hours, most of these tickets with departure in less than 14 days and Austrian has to inform Customers about situation and they still did not do it. It seems it's harder and harder for them to explain and now everyone can try to get compensation.

IMHO it is cheaper for them to approve tickets. If it was price error, why did not they announce it in first hours? It is not "low coster" + they have their own rules (if you paid, it has to be honoured). Let's see what they are going to write in PM and emails with cancellation confirmation. If I have tickets on next 2 days - I would go to Airport and try to check in and if they tell me it wa cancelled, I will be "surprised".
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