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Originally Posted by blahmeh14 View Post

Ok, on a whim I went ahead and booked the flights I was looking at where I saw PZ disappear. One was showing, right now, PZ0 I0, the other was showing PZ0 I9. Both of these had PZ9 two days ago. When I was booking over the phone, the agent said she couldn’t see PZ for the first one, but she could see PZ availability for the second one. After it was ticketed, I went online and, through “manage reservations,” was able to upgrade BOTH segments instantly. It seems to be both a .bomb issue and something else since neither Expert mode nor the agent could see that both flights had availability — and the agent and expert mode gave different stories about what was available, neither of which was accurate.
Appreciate the feedback immensely.
And very glad it seems to be an online/IT glitch, in that case.
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