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Originally Posted by 15cats View Post
People act like this price is a clear error based on the price alone. Does anyone actually look at the other deals posted in this forum??? I just pulled up CDG-JFK on OW for ~$1222 since that deal is still live. Nobody over there saying that's a clear error. There are deals from Europe to the US for $1200 quite often nowadays. Not all routes at all times, but certainly somewhat common. It's part of return based airline pricing - they price what the market can bear. And if you really think that AAA-BBB-AAA is not the same as BBB-AAA-BBB, you are clearly too naive. One can easily isolate the price of AAA-BBB-AAA based on two nested BBB-AAA-BBB roundtrips. I mention this because they'd have a hard time defending in any judicial setting that $1300 from the US to Europe in J is clearly an error while many competitors (and possible even themselves) are selling the reverse for similar prices.

To be clear I don't think they intended to book into R class, so take that for what it's worth. But then again I wouldn't be the one having to prove it's clearly an unreasonable price for business because it isn't.
Completely agree, it's not like this was the deal of the century.
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