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So after today I am so confused now. I stayed in a Holiday Inn last night that offered a 5,000 points bonus points package and today it posted as its own line as "Hotel Promotion Bonus Points." Those 5,000 didn't go to my qualifying points/status. This is the same way my 10k posted.

But last week I stayed at a different Holiday Inn and the 5,000 points package posted along with my stay under the base points and elite bonus points. Those 5,000 points posted to my qualifying points/status. Last year all of my 5k points posted that way.

So are the 5,000 packages supposed to be non qualifying as well?
You can only count on the bonus points to be considered qualifying if you book them through the Best Flexible Rate or Your Rate and select the bonus points additionally. I recommend to do it with the web version, select "Your Rate" and just add the X,000 points per night.
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