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As @autoenthusiast said, the vast majority of Hertz locations are corporate. If you look them up on Hertz.com, you'll see it like so:

Mid-rental, I'm not sure--possibly, but at the end of the rental, almost certainly. Just tell the return agent you want to change the card used on the rental. They'll send you inside to complete the return and swipe the card. Note that changing the card on the rental will likely void any collision coverage benefits associated with any credit cards used on the rental, meaning that if they try to come after you for damage post-rental, you may not be covered. Assuming your girlfriend's card has CDW coverage, it might just be better to just write your girlfriend a check.

For grins and giggles, I just checked, and I'm finding fullsize cars (Camry, Altima, etc.) in the Allen area for as low as $179 including tax for the week with Hertz and premium cars (Maxima, Impala, etc.) for as low as $230 including tax for the week, also with Hertz, depending on which affiliations you qualify for. At DFW, you're looking at $290 for a fullsize car for the week with Advantage or $318 with Hertz (depending on affiliations); it's $340/week for a premium with Sixt, which will get you a premium German make. You can use the links in our signature below to check rates and then email us to help find/refine results as needed.
please post the location at airport where you found fullsize for 318. we were looking for premium (maxima etc) but when i looked at DFW they were all over 400 or 500 bucks compared to the 300 ish in allen. renting when i got off the plane would be solving all our problems at hertz since AAA gives you free 2nd person.

i just did a friday 8th to friday 15th rental premium DFW hertz and got 627 and even compact was 477 (which i dont want).

only affiliation i have is AAA
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