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If Chase is willing to listen to you, then it is still hopeful.

Last year I read a shut down case on a non English site, that the poster has opened multiple Chase cards, primarily the cobrand cards and has put on large spends on those cards. The explanation she gave was her families come to visit her in US and the big gang was traveling the country and shopped like crazy. She also had banking accounts with Chase, that had sizable balances more than enough to cover all the outstanding on the cards. The first and second appeal failed but the third one, thru a letter to the Executive Office did the job. Accounts were fully restored.

Good luck to you and keep us posted.

BTW, did TD Ameritrade give you plausible reason on why the transfer or the distribution from the brokerage side never got it to the banking side? I thought TD Ameritrade has the cash account as well (at least that is how our idle account looks to me but I never link it to the TD Bank accounts.)
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