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a three-minute change on the domestic leg (DTW-RIC) of the return of our AMS trip (98k J sale) wouldnít normally get me to raise an eyebrow, BUT itís a change of operating carrier (GoJet to SkyWest)

while Iím pretty sure I could request a change to mainline (DTW-DCA/BWI), which would necessarily imply changing the outbound to leave from the same airport, Iím really curious if I could successfully push the envelope and switch to the IAD<ó>AMS nonstops on KLM
My experience with DL twitter agents is as long as the pnr has the schedule change waiver code activated, they are willing to change anything. Iíve had 7 international sched changes in last 6 months and every time they were able to find better routing or better aircraft.

Just last week, I was able to change upcoming YYZ-AMS flight (DL marketed 9W flight). Booked it originally due to a great fare but wasnít looking forward to such a short 7 hr TATL flight in Business. Once dinner is done, very little time to sleep before bfast. The flight departure time moved later by only 12 mins but I asked Delta (Twitter) if I could reroute to DL metal A332 via ATL (yyz-atl-ams) for a longer sleep (and D1 service). Agent fully understood my logic and got me reissued in under 5 mins.

Keep in mind though...when DL rebooks award tickets on other airline partners (non-DL flight number) due to schedule change, original award fare class must be available on new flight. If they are rebooking to Delta marketed flight number, specific award inventory doesnít apply, there just has to be any available seat in your class of service (including J or Y inventory).

One last data point...wife is flying back from Paris in April. Original booked CDG-DTW-YYZ ON AF flight #s (006 ticket). The only connection in DTW was 55 mins. MCT in Detroit Int-Intl is 60 mins. So the original ticket had an overnight layover in DTW. Iíve been watching for sched changes for 2 months. Then yesterday I noticed 2 things: DTW-YYZ evening flight moved 9 mins later, thus crossing the 60 min MCT and becoming a legal connection without need for layover. Also, the YYZ flight on following day changed from an E170 to CRJ900. The green schedule change alert appeared at top of the itinerary on I reached our to twitter and said ďI know this is just an aircraft type change, but is that enough to move her to the now legal YYZ flight on night before and get rid of the overnight layover?Ē Sure enough, it was and they did it. (Note: oddly DTW mct Intl : Dom is 90 mins while I:I is 60 mins. DL computer told agent conx was illegal as it considered the YYZ flight domestic. I did push back that YYZ was international and I:I in DTW is 60 min. Agent verified that I was correct and said they had to manually reissue tkt to override it. It situations like this it always helps to have lucked out with a competent agent. Iíve been consistently impressed with the DL twitter team, 95% of the time they really seem to know their stuff even with other airline space and manual reissues.)

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